How monitoring and protection 24/7 could have saved the Garmin reputation?

Ransomware attacks are the same old thing, and they are quickly developing in the modern world. Why is this happening? 


A lot of people believe that cyber crime organizations are contributing their “income” into their hacking framework in order to continue their wrongdoings. They are organizing specific groups with the aim of running their operations on a pretty big scale, choosing big corporations, and doing their best to stay invisible. 

Как услуга мониторинга и защити 24/7 могла бы спасти деловую репутацию Garmin?

One of the biggest cyber attacks

For the last few months, you might have seen a lot of news about the massive cyberattack on Garmin – a company which is mostly known for their fitness wearables. For a few days, the company wasn’t able to function properly – their website was down, manufacturing was stopped, people couldn’t contact the support centers, some flyGarmin services were off too. 

What happened?

Garmin was attacked by the hackers which deployed the ransomware tool called WastedLocker. WastedLocker is a tool developed by Russians connected to the group of hackers called Evil Corp. This ransomware encrypts data on the company’s digital infrastructure but it doesn’t steal the information for ransom – the tool takes the information and programs and renders them until everything is encrypted. Then, they ask not for the money in exchange of the information, but for the money in exchange of the decryption key. In the case of Garmin, they paid $10 million for the key.

What about users?

There are few questions related to users, and the main one is whether the data integrity was compromised.

Some analysts, which were carrying out the research on WastedLocker, say that the attack didn’t include the exporting of data which means that the users of Garmin are safe and sound. 

“We have no indication that any customer data, including payment information from Garmin Pay, was accessed, lost or stolen. Additionally, the functionality of Garmin products was not affected, other than the ability to access online services. Affected systems are being restored and we expect to return to normal operation over the next few days,” Garmin said in a statement.


What is strange, is the fact that Garmin didn’t inform users about what really happened or about how they are dealing with the situation, or even about how they are going to solve such issues in the future. What the world lacks is transparency in their politics concerning the cyber attacks. Why is it important? Not only Garmin lost the battle with hackers by letting them hack their company and paying the ransom to the hackers, but while being secretive, Garmin loses not only users but also the reputation in the world of technology.

What can you do?

Stopping ransomware assaults is tied in with deploying a holistic cyber security solution. any group of hackers has nothing to do and nothing to ask for if they can’t penetrate the enterprise systems. In order to protect your business, you can order monitoring and protection 24/7 from What this monitoring includes:


  • Installing a smart security system on the website to protect the business from intruders
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of website security, accessibility and efficiency
  • Complete safety for your website


If you apply for the monitoring, straight after the creation of your account, your website is going to be under 24/7 security monitoring, it will have a protection from external threats, and the productivity of your website is going to increase. 

How does the monitoring and protection 24/7 works?

With the aim of being one of the best in business, we use the worldwide leading technology CloudFlare. In the development of testing tools, we use the standard OWASP TOP 10, SANS TOP 25 and commercial monitoring tools: Burp Suite Pro, Acunetix, Nexpose. Cloudflare’s capitalization is estimated at $ 3.2 billion in the latest round of venture financing. According to S-1, Cloudflare’s network covers 193 data centres in more than 90 countries and connects to more than 8,000 networks around the world, including major Internet providers, public clouds providers, SaaS services and enterprises. Cloudflare has more than 20 million websites. According to Cloudflare, it provides response times of less than 100 milliseconds for 98% of Internet users in developed countries, and for 93% of users worldwide. (For understanding: eye blinking takes 300-400 milliseconds). Cloudflare receives three billion bot requests every day.


In order to protect you online business properly, the experts from Datami work following these steps:

  1. Consultation 

Receiving a request and providing a free consultation

  1. Diagnostics 

Discussing and agreeing on a diagnostic and auditing plan according to individual needs

  1. The contract 

Signing a service and NDA contract

  1. Payment 

Receiving payment and necessary access in accordance with the selected work format Black, White, GrayBox

  1. Work

Carrying out work within 4-5 business days

  1. Report 

Providing a detailed report and recommendations on securing the website


Looking back on the Garmin cyberattack, we can come to the conclusion that if they were using the monitoring and protection 24/7, they would have been able to prevent such a catastrophe. Their data and information would have been protected, and they would be able to respond to the attack in a short time.


Nowadays, organizations from all around the globe feel the impacts of digital assaults. According to the reports, the worldwide economy lost $600 billion in 2017 because of digital wrongdoings. 

Those digital wrongdoings affect organizations’ funds, reputations, staff, company’s operations, etc. Usually, government associations, cities and towns, clinics, and colleges are the most popular choices for ransomware assaults. The average amount of ransom which had to be paid in order to take control over the situation is around $100,000. 


In a modern world, cyber crime turns out to be more rewarding than any other type of wrongdoing, so digital assaults are going to continue to happen. To pay or not to pay a ransom depends on individual decisions. Graham Cluley, an award-winning security blogger, podcaster, and public speaker, offers this perspective: “That ultimately is a decision that only you can make. Bear in mind that the more companies that pay a ransom, the more the criminals are likely to launch similar attacks in the future. At the same time, you may feel that your business needs to make the difficult but pragmatic decision to pay the criminals if you feel your company cannot survive any other way.”


It is crucial to understand that if your company is under the attack, you can suffer some short-term and long-term consequences which are not going to impact your business in a good way. You have to be ready, and you have to find ways to secure your online business. One of the best ways is to order the monitoring and protection 24/7 from Datami.


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