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Our goal is the reliable
protection of the interests
of online business

It is important for us to make cybersecurity accessible and understandable for everyone

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Alexander Filippov
Co-Founder and Chief Security Specialist

We created Datami after we had the first-hand experience: how difficult and expensive is to protect your online store from intruders. In 2016, no company was able to provide an understandable technology for the complex protection of our business.


Good specialists are instantly intercepted by large corporations in the international market and loaded with work. In our turn, we decided to take a different path and set a goal: to provide reliable protection of the interests of online business. It is important for us to make cybersecurity accessible and understandable to each owner.

Who are our clients
Everyone whose business is online
Everyone who cares about maintaining data confidentiality: clients, contractors, financiers, suppliers
Everyone who wants to preserve the company's reputation, minimize risks and prevent crisis situations
Our customers about us
It is my pleasure to strongly recommend DATAMI for all of your pentesting requirements. They conduct themselves in a professional manner and the engagement was quick and efficient.
I, Eugene Mediany CEO of Andr0meda, together with my entire team, would like to express my sincere gratitude to DATAMI for successfully analyzing the vulnerabilities of our projects. Thank you for the promptness and high level of professionalism shown by you in our cooperation.
We would like to recommend the Datami Cyber-Security Company - the team of highly qualified, experienced, and certified ethical hackers. They can:
1) carry out regular penetration tests and IT audits: networks, OS, services and software, Wi-Fi, databases, mobile...

We will save your time, nerves and money

We ourselves are the owners of the online store, so we understand how it works, what vulnerabilities can arise and how to minimize risks, what our client needs.

We create an accessible and understandable product first of all for ourselves. We use the best modern technologies that will save your money and nerves.

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Secure websites
Websites Protected
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DATAMI specialists do not stop
learning to keep up with the speed of
development of new technologies
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Co-Founder, Development Director
Technical Director
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Cyber Security Specialist
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Great experience of working with Datami team. I liked the way their communication flow was built - development team from our side was able to make changes with no distraction to security testing process.
An audit of the local network was carried out. 2 specialists were provided. The work took several days. Everything is fine, no remarks. It's good to know that the data in the office is completely safe!
We were pleasantly surprised by the work of Datami. An office security audit took only one day, the work of employees was not disturbed. Great approach!
Turned to dates due to suspected damage to the site. The problem was discovered quickly, fixed and prevented security problems in the future.
Received an audit within 5 days. The team manager helped to understand the report, each recommendation was explained to our development team. The repair process went smoothly.
Svit Matrasiv
Pentest lasted for about 2 weeks, the work of our website was not disrupted. Although the manager assured us at the beginning that everything would go like that. Now every year we cooperate for a verification check. Great approach!
Performed a security audit and an incident investigation. The process took 6 days, the changes were made by the Datami team. Also got recommendations on SEO optimization for IM
Goyra Group
Datami performed a security audit of the local network of our establishments. Specialists work quickly and professionally. We recommend!
Mass Media about us
What are the ways to hack the site of your online store and how to prevent them? Talking about how to hack a site and why is this happening?
Main office
Baltiis'kyi Lane, 20, Kyiv, Ukraine
USA office
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Office in Estonia
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